Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rules of the Household

1) Slave has the privelidge to masturbate twice per week, once on Tuesday evenings and once on Sunday mornings.
a. This is a privilidge and not a right. Mistress has the right to revoke this privilidge if slave does not fulfill his duties to her satisfaction.
2) Slave is to perform chores according to a daily chore list prepared by Mistress.
a. If slave does not perform stated chores to the satisfaction of Mistress, Mistress has the right to take away #1a for any amount she desires.
b. Chores should both be designed to keep the household very clean and tidy and also not too excessive in terms of time required.
c. Mistress must provide gentle training during 2 week prior period. Slave will write down these instructions.
d. Slave must wear full maid’s uniform, including heels, tights, dress, frills on arms, cap and ball-gag. If Mistress catches slave performing chores without the proper attire, Mistress must punish slave via #2a above or via means of the dice game stated below.
e. Slave must curtsy every time Mistress enters the room, stands up from a seated position or sits down. If Mistress catches slave not performing this ritual, she must punish slave via #2a above or via means of the dice game.
3) Mistress is to make an effort to be more dominant on a daily basis via service oriented orders or humiliation. Mistress must make slave serve at her beckon call. If slave fails to perform to Mistress’ standards, she must punish slave via #2a or via means of the dice game.
a. Mistress should punish slave randomly on occasion via #2a or the dice game simply out of cruelty.
b. Mistress should tease slave with her beauty, making him writhe in frustration knowing he isn’t able to cum
4) Slave must make an effort to be more romantic.
5) Slave reserves right to be released upon one of the 3 reasons below. Slave only has the right to use this RARELY.
a. Time commitments to other friends or family
b. Stressful periods of time at work requiring additional work hours
c. Time needed to catch up on grad school applications if behind
6) Slave must be let out of chastity device once a day for cleaning purposes. Mistress reserves the right to supervise.
7) Slave must be let out of chastity device if any he senses any pain or medical issue. This includes if the slave needs the belt to be adjusted.
8) Slave must not be required to wear the belt at work. Slave must report to Mistress immediately before leaving for work and immediately upon coming home.
9) With the exceptions of #s 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8 above, slave must be kept in belt at all times except for when Mistress desires sexual pleasure.
a. During this time, if slave fails to satisfy Mistress, he loses the right to masturbate for no less than 3 weeks or longer if Mistress desires. He will also sleep on the floor for no less than 2 weeks, lose TV privileges for 1 week, be only allowed to eat 2 slices of milk soaked bread for dinner every day for 1 week, and must pay for Mistress’ gas and groceries for 1 week. These punishments do not apply if infraction occurs on a Wednesday or Sunday.
b. If slave is unable to bring sexual pleasure to Mistress twice in a row, he must pay for her doctors appt and std testing within reason. From then on, slave will be required to give oral pleasure to Mistress whenever she wants, however often she wants.
10) Mistress reserves right to determine body hair characteristics of slave. If slave fails to comply, she may punish via #2a above or via means of the dice game.
11) Mistress reserves right to determine what clothes slave wears when going out with her
12) Mistress has full control of the remote and determines what television/movie she and her slave watches, slave is not allowed to dispute under any circumstances or be punished by #2a or via means of the dice game.
13) Slave must ask Mistress how he may serve her at least once every hour and as soon as he or she arrives home from work.
14) Slave must acknowledge Mistress’ orders with use of her proper name. (i.e. “Yes, Mistress A”, “Right away Mistress A”, etc.)

-We are looking for ideas for new rules and rituals, please share if you have any.

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