Thursday, October 1, 2009

Punishments for the Dice Game

When I violate a rule, Mistress A can either punish me by keeping me in chastity longer (i.e. not letting me out on my usual Sundays or Wednesdays) or by the dice game, which involves rolling 3 dice in order to make the punishment random. The following are the punishments for the dice game:

3 (0.5%)-slave much purchase any 1 item of clothing that Mistress wants, from any store, must be within reason
4 (1.5%)- slave will be tied up or caged for one full weekend day for no less than 12 hours. Slave will be diapered so that Mistress has the option to go out on the town. Slave will be required to pay for any food, alcohol or any other expense that Mistress desires on her night out if she chooses to do so.
5 (3%)- slave must pay for two dinners for Mistress for the restaurants of her choosing
6 (4.5%)- loss of TV privileges for one week
7 (7%)- slave must pay to fill up Mistress’ car with gas for 1 week
8 (9.5%)- slave is only allowed to eat 2 milk-soaked slices of bread for dinner every night for 1 week
9 (11.5%)- slave must perform cat and plant related chores for 1 week
10 (12.5%)- slave must put aside $7 toward one day getting a large dog cage. In the future, after the cage is purchased, Mistress will have a new method of bondage to put her slave in which doesn’t require her to check in on slave periodically. She can thus then put slave into this cage when she wants time to herself, or wants to go out with friends without slave. After cage is purchased, each roll of a 10 will result in slave being forced into the cage for no less than 4 hours or longer Mistress desires.
11 (12.5%) -slave must get starbucks for Mistress for one week, whatever she wants, however often she wants, and slave must pay
12 (11.5%)- full day detailed house cleaning in complete maids uniform, slave must clean from time Mistress wakes up to time when Mistress goes to bed non-stop, maid uniform must not come off during this time( gag may come off once every 2 hours for a 15 minute break); house should be spotless when slave is finished, otherwise slave will be in violation
13 (9.5%)- 500 lines to be determined by Mistress
14 (7%)- slave must do grocery shopping of Mistress and must pay for 1 week
15 (4.5%)- slave must pay Mistress $1 a week for life. Effects of this punishment are cumulative. If this roll comes up 10 times, slave has to pay $10 a week for life, 100 times, $100 a week for life. (Eventually, after slave finishes his graduate degree and is financially well off, it is hoped that slave will have all his paychecks deposited directly to Mistress’ private bank account to which slave is not allowed access.)
16 (3%)- slave must watch a girly movie and write a 2 page report on the struggles of the main female character and why she is better than him, if Mistress is dissatisfied with the report, slave will be in violation
17 (1.5%)- slave must sleep on floor for one week
18 (0.5%)- slave must purchase any 1 item of jewelry that Mistress wants, from any store, must be within reason

Violation of punishment:
If slave fails in one of the above punishments, Mistress will consider him in violation. The resulting punishment will consist of ALL of the following: loss of masturbation privileges for 1 month, loss of TV privileges for 1 week, requirement to pay for Mistress’ gas and groceries for 2 weeks, requirement to get starbucks for Mistress (whatever she wants, however often she wants) for 2 weeks, sleep on floor for 2 weeks.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 1-Catching up in the kitchen

Today I started my first day of cleaning :) It felt absolutely wonderful to slave away in the kitchen for over 2 hours while Mistress A was able to rest and recover from her day. I did the dishes, wiped down the stove and counters, cleaned the floor and organized the pantry; and I did this all in my tight and uncomfortable maids uniform. Mistress threatened me with losing my masturbation priveliges for a week, but my work was satisfactory so I can hopefully look forward to release tomorrow night.

I love that Mistress was able to rest and be comfortable. That's how it should be. I deserve to work and she deserves to relax. Tomorrow I get to clean the bathroom. I love Mistress with all my heart and am so overjoyed in getting the honor to serve her everyday :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Limits

In terms of giving us advice, ideas, etc, I'd thought I'd share our limits to establish what we are and aren't ever willing to do:

1) We are to be completely anonymous at all times. We are s and A and that's it. We will never expose our real identities, contact info other than this site, where we live, pictures of us, etc. We may occasionally post pictures, but nothing that would show our faces.

2) We are in a committed and monogamous relationship, which means we are unopen to things such as involving other people, cuckolding, etc.

3) We live in the conservative midwest, so anything involving being exposed to the public wouldn't work. Maybe if we lived in SF or something, things would be different, but not here.

4) Safety is our top priority.

5) Nothing illegal.

6) We both have 9-5 type jobs during the week, so most of our activities will be in the evenings and weekends.

Rules of the Household

1) Slave has the privelidge to masturbate twice per week, once on Tuesday evenings and once on Sunday mornings.
a. This is a privilidge and not a right. Mistress has the right to revoke this privilidge if slave does not fulfill his duties to her satisfaction.
2) Slave is to perform chores according to a daily chore list prepared by Mistress.
a. If slave does not perform stated chores to the satisfaction of Mistress, Mistress has the right to take away #1a for any amount she desires.
b. Chores should both be designed to keep the household very clean and tidy and also not too excessive in terms of time required.
c. Mistress must provide gentle training during 2 week prior period. Slave will write down these instructions.
d. Slave must wear full maid’s uniform, including heels, tights, dress, frills on arms, cap and ball-gag. If Mistress catches slave performing chores without the proper attire, Mistress must punish slave via #2a above or via means of the dice game stated below.
e. Slave must curtsy every time Mistress enters the room, stands up from a seated position or sits down. If Mistress catches slave not performing this ritual, she must punish slave via #2a above or via means of the dice game.
3) Mistress is to make an effort to be more dominant on a daily basis via service oriented orders or humiliation. Mistress must make slave serve at her beckon call. If slave fails to perform to Mistress’ standards, she must punish slave via #2a or via means of the dice game.
a. Mistress should punish slave randomly on occasion via #2a or the dice game simply out of cruelty.
b. Mistress should tease slave with her beauty, making him writhe in frustration knowing he isn’t able to cum
4) Slave must make an effort to be more romantic.
5) Slave reserves right to be released upon one of the 3 reasons below. Slave only has the right to use this RARELY.
a. Time commitments to other friends or family
b. Stressful periods of time at work requiring additional work hours
c. Time needed to catch up on grad school applications if behind
6) Slave must be let out of chastity device once a day for cleaning purposes. Mistress reserves the right to supervise.
7) Slave must be let out of chastity device if any he senses any pain or medical issue. This includes if the slave needs the belt to be adjusted.
8) Slave must not be required to wear the belt at work. Slave must report to Mistress immediately before leaving for work and immediately upon coming home.
9) With the exceptions of #s 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8 above, slave must be kept in belt at all times except for when Mistress desires sexual pleasure.
a. During this time, if slave fails to satisfy Mistress, he loses the right to masturbate for no less than 3 weeks or longer if Mistress desires. He will also sleep on the floor for no less than 2 weeks, lose TV privileges for 1 week, be only allowed to eat 2 slices of milk soaked bread for dinner every day for 1 week, and must pay for Mistress’ gas and groceries for 1 week. These punishments do not apply if infraction occurs on a Wednesday or Sunday.
b. If slave is unable to bring sexual pleasure to Mistress twice in a row, he must pay for her doctors appt and std testing within reason. From then on, slave will be required to give oral pleasure to Mistress whenever she wants, however often she wants.
10) Mistress reserves right to determine body hair characteristics of slave. If slave fails to comply, she may punish via #2a above or via means of the dice game.
11) Mistress reserves right to determine what clothes slave wears when going out with her
12) Mistress has full control of the remote and determines what television/movie she and her slave watches, slave is not allowed to dispute under any circumstances or be punished by #2a or via means of the dice game.
13) Slave must ask Mistress how he may serve her at least once every hour and as soon as he or she arrives home from work.
14) Slave must acknowledge Mistress’ orders with use of her proper name. (i.e. “Yes, Mistress A”, “Right away Mistress A”, etc.)

-We are looking for ideas for new rules and rituals, please share if you have any.

Purposes of Blog

1) Provide a journal of my experiences for myself and Mistress A to learn from and reflect on.

2) Serve as a medium for any writing assignments/punishments Mistress A decides I have to perform.

3) Reflect on what I've learned after every punishment Mistress A subjects me to. The purpose of Mistress A's punishments are to teach me how to be a better slave to her and to better serve her. The punishments are pointless unless I learn valuable lessons and communicate to Mistress A that I understand.

4) Most importantly, to hear feedback from others in the lifestyle. Mistress A and I are very new to this, and if others have advice on how to function in a femdom relationship, or have creative ideas for helping her to control me via punishments, rituals, etc., we are incredibly eager to listen.

Who I am...

I'll introduce myself as slave "s". I'm a male living in the midwest in my mid-twenties. To the average onlooker, I'm a highly intelligent and educated young professional who's working to build a career and life. I have a highly analytical and stressful job and am looking to start my master's degree in just under a year. I'm a bit of a sci-fi nerd, "march to the beat of a different drum" type.

For as early as I can remember, I've felt a longing for what I now know to be a life in BDSM. As a child, I never knew what this desire was and it didn't even feel sexual until I hit puberty. As a teen, I learned more and more about my fetish thanks to the infinite library that is the internet. I always tried to deny my fetish throughout life as it did not make growing up any easier. But in the last few years, after having moved out on my own and met some inspiring new friends, I've accepted who I am and who I want to be.

My dream was always to find the women who was met to be with me and to eventually share my secret with her. To share that I one day would want to be a slave to her, to do all of her chores, to serve all of her desires at a whim, to devote my life to making hers worry-free, to be completely controlled by her.

Nine months ago, I met my girlfriend who from here on out will be referred to as "A". After several dates, and learning about her and how liberal and open-minded she was (keep in mind I live in the midwest-the capital of the world for super religious/conservative types), I took a huge risk and revealed my fetish to her. She was very understanding, but not super enthusiastic about becoming my dominatrix. Over the next 9 months, she would endulge me now and then with some bondage play, but nothing that really satiated my desire to become who I wanted to be.

We had a huge fight just under a week ago, after going through a few months of a very distant and cold relationship. One problem was that we were not sensitive enough to each other's needs. She told me she needed more romance and I told her that I needed her to be my Mistress. We are working on our problems and starting tomorrow (9/28/2009), she will keep me locked up full-time in a CB-3000 male chastity device, with terms of forcing me from now on, to do each and every household chore in our apartment, including cleaning, cooking, laundry and following each and every order she gives. From here on out, I have to keep our apartment spotless and ensure that she NEVER has to lift a finger for anything. She now controls my sex, and can leave me frustrated for days, weeks or even months or years if she desires. This is to be my new life, serving her, catering to her needs, doing only what she wants me and us to do. I have no more rights, no more say. This is my new life as a slave, and I've never been more excited!